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The Captain prefers to use
the 'KISS' Method
(Keep It Simple Stupid)

The wonderful flavour of salmon is often masked by wannabe chefs who pour on the sauces and the spices until you are not sure what you're eating. This is fine if you have stale freezer burnt salmon and are trying to camouflage the taste! So KISS your salmon and everyone will be coming back for more!

KISS Method For Fresh Salmon Streaks
Cut steaks at least one inch thick - one per serving. Salt, pepper, flour, butter, dill. Preheat heavy skillet or griddle on the BBQ. Be generous with the butter on the griddle, when the butter is starting to turn brown, it's time to put on the steaks! This is the most important rule of all: Don't over cook the salmon The rule is 10 minutes cooking time for every inch of thickness. Five minutes each side for one inch steaks and serve hot off the grill. You can also use the kitchen stove while cooking salmon. Sprinkle a little lemon juice on the fish, this gives a nice flavour and helps to keep the fishy smell out of your kitchen.

Cedar Plank Salmon Fillets
Salt, pepper, dill grated parmesan cheese, cedar planks.
I buy cedar from the lumber yard, choose smooth cedar fencing material six to eight inches wide and cut to a foot long. I use these planks to cook the fillets on as well to serve as plates. Soak the planks in the sink or bathtub with enough cold water to cover. Weight down with a stone or brick for about two hours ahead of time. Season the fillets one per plate, heat oven broiler to 450F, sprinkle a little parmesan on top of fillets, arrange skin side down on cedar plate and place fairly close to the broiler element cook for 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Serve right on the cedar plank with baked potato and a not too runny vegetable like asparagus, sure to be a real favourite. Those fussy people who don't like fish will be coming back for seconds!!!

Toothpick Salmon Chunks
Quick & Easy Snack (Don't Forget to KISS Your Salmon)
Fresh boneless salmon fillets, butter, salt, pepper, onion soup mix - about 1/2 the package (just the powder) and about the same amount of flour.
Cut salmon fillets into 3/4" squares, put all ingredients except butter into a bag and shake. Add salmon shake again Preheat frying pan and when butter turns brown, add salmon chunks, stir-fry slowly until golden and slightly crispy outside. Do not over cook! Stick a toothpick in each piece, sprinkle with dill and serve hot. Great with potato chips.

Whole BBQ Chinook Salmon
(Still With the KISS Program)
Garlic cloves, salt, pepper.
Melt butter, add crushed garlic cloves together to make garlic butter I have made a large grate for cooking over an open fire pit by using re-bar and heavy chicken wire (not galvanized) there is two sides to it, something like a camping toaster you use over an open fire - only much larger! Let charcoal die down to hot coals and throw a hand full of wet wood chips on the coals - this will create a nice smoked flavour to the fish. Arrange large 20-30 pound chinook between the racks and wire together. Brace over the fire pit and baste often with garlic butter and season with salt and pepper, turning over every five minutes or so. Remember the rule: 10 minutes for every inch of thickness, and don't overcook. A real crowd pleaser.


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